Westport Inn
2501 Nyhus, PO Box 312
Westport, WA, 98595, USA
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Westport Inn

The Westport Inn in The Heart of the Marina. The ocean awaits you at the Westport Inn. Come breathe the fresh sea air and enjoy the wonders of this authentic nautical town. We offer affordable prices, comfortable rooms and great service.

Westport Blues Festival — Where the Blues Meets the Beach

The Westport Blues Festival was a great success this year! The festival was featured on King 5 — showing the real spirit of the blues here in Westport, which you can watch below. Everyone who attended had a total blast, and we are looking forward to next year's Westport Blues Festival!

Come join us for the fun in 2015!

  • Night dig

There are some tenative Clam digs coming up.  Here is the schedule below.

Nov. 4, Tuesday; 4:26 p.m., -0.1 feet, Twin Harbors
Nov. 5, Wednesday; 5:14 p.m., -0.7 feet, Twin Harbors
Nov. 6, Thursday; 5:59 p.m., -1.1 feet, Twin Harbors
Nov. 7, Friday; 6:42 p.m., -1.2 feet, Twin Harbors
Nov. 8, Saturday; 7:24 p.m., -1.1 feet, Twin Harbors
Nov. 9, Sunday; 8:05 p.m., -0.7 feet, Twin Harbors
Nov. 10, Monday; 8:47 p.m., -0.3 feet, Twin Harbors
Nov. 11, Tuesday; 9:31 p.m., 0.2 feet, Twin Harbors

Here is a great video for those that have never clam digged.

Jacuzzi Cottages

  • Cottage

Each Jacuzzi Cottage has a kitchen appointed with everything you need to prepare your own gourmet seafood dinner. 

  • Cottage

All our cottages have a comfortable queen bed along with a cozy trundle bed that gives you the flexibility to have two additional guests.

  • Cottage

The private porch comes with relaxing chairs where you can savor the ocean air and drink your morning coffee or enjoy a glass of wine in the evening.  Each cottage has its own picnic table for an afternoon cookout. And with a leisurely two minute walk you will be right on the sandy beach.

  • 2013-05-16_10-25-08_981

Elegant relaxing private jetted Jacuzzi tubs.

Live Web Cams

  • eastview
  • westview